Permanent Makeup FAQ

Eyeliner, Brows & Lips

I noticed the top and bottom lines do not connect in the corners of the eyes. Is there a reason for that? 

We cannot connect the eyeliner in the corners because you may experience something called migration. The tissue in the corner of the eye is very thin and the pigment may travel in the skin creating a cloudy or smudgy appearance, leaving a very undesirable look to the eyeliner. You may see examples online of work from permanent makeup artist where the corners ARE connected, but the migration can still occur anytime. We decline this request because we will not take any chances.

Will the lower liner come all the way across the bottom to the inner corner? 

We offer several options for the length of the lower liner. We will never go past your tear duct due to issues of migration and damage to the tear duct. We can taper the line towards the tear duct or stop just past the pupil. This decision is made at the start of your appointment in the consultation stage.

Will you apply color to the line above the lower lashes, otherwise known as the wet line? 

Similar to the migration of the corners, the wet line is very moist and even if the color applies beautifully initially, it does not age well. It eventually smudges and looks like a disorganized blur of color, usually turning blue. This can also affect your ability to create eye moisture over time. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO REMOVE IT, EVER!

Will you add a wing to the corner of the top liner? 

First and foremost is that over time, it does not age well. Eyes change dramatically as we get older. While the “wing” may be lifted out or up when we apply it, it will eventually droop down and appear miss-placed or miss-shaped. Due to the fact that some color may always stay in your skin, the eyeliner may not be easily color-boosted years later if the wing needs reshaping. We usually recommend a more natural eyeliner that compliments the shape of your eye.  We can often provide a subtle lift to the outer corners.

Will the eyeliner look like wet liner or stay very dark? 

Permanent makeup will never have the deep dark look of liquid liner. As we apply the liner under the dermis of your skin, the skin diffuses the color. It’s similar to placing pantyhose over the top of a black sock. The black sock is no longer as dark as it was without the pantyhose over the top. Immediately following the procedure the color looks darker and bolder because the color is sitting on the surface of the skin. After the surface exfoliates over the next 7-10 days, the color is more muted. You may, however, apply cosmetics anytime you want the color to be bolder.

The color of your own skin will have a lot to do with the final outcome of your permanent eyeliner color. If you have dark skin, the color will not show a sharp contrast, as it will with someone with pale skin. On dark skin, permanent eyeliner will appear more of a soft grey to a soft brown. For you, permanent cosmetics may be your “get out of the shower or pool and look like you have makeup on” look. As stated above, you can always use washable cosmetics over the top to create a dramatic effect for dressing up. 

Can I have a very thin line? 

Yes, we call that a mini-liner. It’s a thin line just inside your lashes. This can make your lashes look thicker and provide definition to your eyes.

Do I have to discontinue using lash growth products prior to an eyeliner procedure?  

YES!  If you are currently using ANY lash growth product such as Latisse, GrandLASH, RevitaLash etc. you must discontinue using these products for two weeks to one month prior to an eyeliner procedure.


My lips are no longer evenly shaped and I was interested in permanent lip liner to reshape them. Is this possible? 

YES! Permanent make up can help reshape and give fuller look! But, Lips are the most challenging service we offer. Not everyone is an ideal candidate. We require at least a photo or possibly a consultation to determine if this service is appropriate for you. 

What if I currently have lip fillers or plan to have them?  

Do you plan on maintaining fillers throughout your lifetime? If not, consider your lip service first. If you plan on maintaining fillers, we can do the procedure after as long as they have had time to settle. We recommend a minimum of 2 weeks. If at some point you don’t maintain the injections there is a risk your lip line will appear slightly uneven. 

If you stop fillers, and have done them regularly, it may take 2-3 months until your lips are ready for a treatment. This should be discussed at the lip consultation.